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Google launches new ”Lens” feature on selected handsets

Google is apparently growing its “Google Lens” to the native camera applications of more gadgets that presently incorporates Sony`s “Xperia XZ2” and “XZ2 Compact” smartphones. To gain access to “Google Lens”, “Xperia XZ2”, and “XZ2 Compact” clients need to update their Google application in the Play Store, AndroidPolice announced. The …

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World milk day- Importance of milk in India

Since ancient times, India’s culture has been that the things which are beneficial for our lives, we respect those things a lot and to give them the status of Goddess to protect them from any kind harm. We worship many resources present in nature and feel like the Gods. Whether …

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Tobacco- A major threat to world

Approximately there 65 varieties of tobacco are found in the world, from which mostly Nicotine Tobacco is grown for commercial reasons, but according to a report, most of the tobacco coming from India and Afghanistan is of Nicotine Rustika variety. The diseases arising from the intake of tobacco like Diabetes, …

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