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For The Love Of The Nation, Shivansh Joshi Ditched IIT and Decided To Join The Army

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) isn’t only a brand name for anybody competing to be an architect; it should resemble a sanctuary of learning. A venturing stone for which lakhs of understudies surrender rest and sustenance and consume the midnight light, just to secure a seat in a standout amongst the most esteemed instincts on the planet. Shivansh Joshi was no special case, aside from, in the wake of clearing the exam, he chose to surrender his seat to join The National Defense Academy (NDA) and serve the nation.


It was a characteristic advance and the way that he beat his NDA exam says a lot about his commitment for the administration. “I am motivated by the individuals who made the preeminent forfeit of their lives for our nation. I too need to add to the improvement of my nation. I can do that better as a man in uniform”, he clarified. He took no formal preparing for getting ready for the NDA exam and that sort of says a lot about his choice. About the IIT entrance, he figured out how to score an incredible 97% there also! It’s not only his folks, but rather the whole country is pleased with him at the present time.

His dad works with the LIC and his mom is a grade teacher. It’s an important choice for a 17-year-old, yet by and by an overcome one. Here’s wishing him all the achievement in this new excursion.

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