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China denies of building 1,000-km long tunnel to divert Brahmaputra waters.

China today dismissed as “false and false” a media report that it was intending to manufacture a 1,000-km long passage to occupy water from the Brahmaputra stream in Tibet near Arunachal Pradesh to the dry Xinjiang locale.

Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post yesterday said that Chinese designers were trying systems that could be utilized to fabricate the passage, the world’s longest.

“This is false. This is a false report,” Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Hua Chunying enlightened a media instructions when asked concerning the report.

China will keep on attaching extraordinary significance to cross-fringe stream participation, she said.

As per the report, the proposed burrow, which would drop down from the world’s most astounding level in different segments associated by waterfalls, would give water in China’s biggest authoritative division, involving tremendous swathes of deserts and dry fields.

The water would be occupied from the Yarlung Tsangpo River in southern Tibet, which transforms into the waterway Brahmaputra once it enters India, to the Taklamakan forsake in Xinjiang, the report had said.

India as riparian state has just hailed its worries to China about different dams being worked by it on the Brahmaputra stream, which is referred to in China as Yarlung Tsangpo.

Beijing has been guaranteeing India and Bangladesh that its dams were not intended to putting away water.

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