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For The Love Of The Nation, Shivansh Joshi Ditched IIT and Decided To Join The Army

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) isn’t only a brand name for anybody competing to be an architect; it should resemble a sanctuary of learning. A venturing stone for which lakhs of understudies surrender rest and sustenance and consume the midnight light, just to secure a seat in a standout …

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Manushi Chhillar Had A Tough Question For Virat Kohli But He Floored Everyone With His Answer

At the point when two individuals who are speaking to the nation globally meet, everybody will clearly discuss it. On one hand, we have Virat Kohli, the Indian captain who made his universal presentation very nearly 10 years back, and has been only reliable with his capacity to score. The …

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want to be rich ? while playing video games online

One damp morning this past summer, Omeed Dariani drove his dark Tesla car through the foothills east of San Diego, looking troubled. Dariani is the author and C.E.O. of Online Performers Group, an ability administration organization devoted to proficient computer game streamers, who communicate their diversion play and critique live …

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We Bet You did not fathom the primary Indian to have A automotive And a personal aeroplane

If there was a selected community of individuals United Nations agency thrived throughout the oppressive British Rule, it’s to be that of the Maharajas. The lavishness of Indian maharajas’ lives was thus magnanimous, that it may simplybelittle the Queen’s life-style. The Maharajas weren’t solely well-to-do however conjointly had access to things that were solely solely on the market to a people. one amongst such things was a automotive. Yes, a motor driven four wheeler was once a luxury solely a …

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