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Lies of the Indian History !!!

Actually there’s no proof that Gandhi said an eye for eye makes the whole world blind. it had been truly  said by Ben Kingsley within the motion picture Gandhi. 2) India Was Disqualified From FIFA World Cup 1950 as a result of Players needed To Play Barefoot India made it to FIFA 1950 simply after 4 groups pulled out from taking an interest. The visit to Brazil was an …

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10 Facts That Change The Way You See The World Now

Do you go complete mute whereas you sometimes fail to strike a stimulating conversation? Or ar you bored to death of the mundane? Well, the planet could be a strange and engaging place and generally truth is intruder than fiction! therefore, while not more rumpus, here ar some fun facts otherwise you will say mindblowing facts for your brain. Get in awe of, share together with your friends, enjoy! 1. The term “bug” was initial employed by Grace Hopper on Sep nine, 1945, once a true bug, …

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We Bet You did not fathom the primary Indian to have A automotive And a personal aeroplane

If there was a selected community of individuals United Nations agency thrived throughout the oppressive British Rule, it’s to be that of the Maharajas. The lavishness of Indian maharajas’ lives was thus magnanimous, that it may simplybelittle the Queen’s life-style. The Maharajas weren’t solely well-to-do however conjointly had access to things that were solely solely on the market to a people. one amongst such things was a automotive. Yes, a motor driven four wheeler was once a luxury solely a …

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दो जोड़ी झूमके–एक कहानी

आज फिर वही घर के कामों से थकी-हारी चंद पलो के आराम के लिए ड्रेसिंग टेबल के आगे बैठी… बालों को एक तरफ करके हल्के-हल्के हाथों से सहारते हुए अचानक ध्यान सूने पड़े कानों पर चला गया। कानों को छूआ ख्याल आया कि बालिंया तो कल ही उतार के रख दी …

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