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Your Three Aspects: Passion,Purity,Apathy

People rise up out of stages and blends of three qualities – sattva, rajas and tamas. Sattva is unadulterated, brilliant, quiet. Free from the turmoil caused by want and inner self. Rajas is energy conceived of unending want that drives you to relentless action. Tamas is sluggishness, impassion and idleness emerging from obliviousness.

All creatures have each of the three characteristics, the distinction being in the extent. Sattva makes for magnificence in real life, achievement, joy and development; there is vitality, power and imagination. In rajas, you botch in view of mental tumult and powerlessness to focus. Tamas is primitive, when you are sleeping to your ability, capacities and potential. You pick an existence of slightest exertion, leaning toward inactivity to even the great things of life.

Bhagwad Gita Chapter 17 features the significance of shraddha, adoring quest for an objective until the point that it is accomplished. Shraddha is the capacity to keep the objective in center and always invest the exertion until the point when the mission is proficient. A man might be exceptionally gifted and wise however may fall flat without shraddha, while, another with less ability may exceed expectations if the objective is sought after with single-pointed assurance.

Shraddha can be sattivika, rajasika or tamasika. Sattvika shraddha is the capacity to settle an objective past your constrained, childish interests and seek after it reliably until the point that the objective is figured it out. Rajasika shraddha is the excited mission of egotistical, materialistic closures. Tamasika shraddha is the willful adherence to an existence of murkiness and insensibility.

Krishna at that point arranges ahara, nourishment; yajna, give up; tapa, severity and dana, philanthropy, as sattvika, rajasika and tamasika.

Sattvika nourishments are delectable, healthy, nutritious and they give long life, force, wellbeing and bliss. You don’t progress toward becoming sattvika by just eating sattvika sustenance! Sattvika individuals incline toward solid sustenance that is helpful for scholarly and profound development. Rajasika individuals like exorbitantly severe, sharp, acrid, salty sustenance that causes uneasiness and infection. Stale, dull, unclean nourishment and remains are the common decision of tamasika individuals.

Sattvika tapa, yield, is performed in light of the fact that it should be done, without craving a reward. At the point when relinquish is attempted with a ulterior thought process, for individual pick up, name or acclaim it progresses toward becoming rajasika. That relinquish performed against scriptural command with no sharing of riches, no higher perfect or philanthropy is tamasika in nature.

Krishna points of interest three sorts of retribution or tapas – that of body, discourse and mind.  This three-overlay starkness performed unfalteringly with shraddha, confidence, craving no organic product, is sattvika.  Rajasika gravity is done childishly with the reason for picking up regard, respect and adoration. Confused, self-tormenting starkness rehearsed with bamboozled persistence, frequently to hurt others, is tamasika.

Dana, philanthropy, is an essential part of human advancement. When you are profoundly thankful for everything, you normally build up the overwhelming inclination to give, share, and contribute. All suppliers are glad. Furthermore, develop to their potential. Takers sentence themselves to a hopeless, ruined life. A blessing given without desire of reward, at the correct time and place is sattvika philanthropy. Given grudgingly, expecting an arrival is rajasika. Furthermore, a blessing given scornfully at an unseemly time and place is tamasika.

When you develop sattva it sparkles forward through each part of your identity. You convey euphoria and cheer to each one of those around you.  And you move towards the condition of illumination or God-acknowledgment.

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