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World milk day- Importance of milk in India

Since ancient times, India’s culture has been that the things which are beneficial for our lives, we respect those things a lot and to give them the status of Goddess to protect them from any kind harm. We worship many resources present in nature and feel like the Gods. Whether it is planted trees, air or river. Similarly, milk is very beneficial and useful for humans. Considering this, we consider milk as very sacred medicines and the presence of milk is also very important in the worshipping and the cow giving quality milk is considered as Gao Mata. Milk is a substance present in this world which contains all types of nutrients which is very important for our body. In view of the same utility, the United Nations Organised Food and Agriculture Organisation announced the celebration of World Milk Day on June 1, 2001. Since then, on June 1 every year, Milk Day is celebrated at the international level. Its aim is to make the masses aware about nutrients present in the milk. Milk is considered as an important food during the celebration of World Milk Day.
Milk contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iodine, iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin B12, protein, healthy fat etc. It is an energy-efficient diet that provides energy to the body immediately because it contains essential and non-essential amino acids and fatty acids, including high quality proteins. All these nutrients are very useful for our body.
Benefits of milk –

1. Hot milk removes the stress of the body.
2. For the problem of insomnia, consumption of milk at night is good.
3. The muscles are strengthened by milk.
4. Hot milk with jaggery is very good to remove the toxins out of the body, it gives skin strength and keeps weight under control.
5. The amount of protein in cold milk is high, which keeps you active.
6. Due to the consumption of cold milk in the morning, the problem of acidity is removed.
7. By eating banana and milk together, the body gets protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre nutrition.
8. Drinking honey mixed with milk removes problems like infertility and impotence.
9. Mixing almonds with milk together provides relief to heart, brain and eyes.
Loss of milk-
1. Milk contains high amounts of lactose which can cause problems related to digetion.
2. Milk gives relief from constipation but it may have to face problems like diarrhoea, abdominal pain.
3. Some people do not digest the casein protein found in milk.

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