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What is mind?

Mind – The source of all our powers is our mind which is dynamic, and continuously working. Our mind is so intense that it reaches anywhere, with a blink of an eyelid. It can tour the whole universe, within a moment. It is the only part of our brains which has two strengths, one, the power of imagination and other, the will power. When the power of imagination of the man is developed, his creative ability increases and he becomes a poet, a scientist, a researcher, a painter, a laureate. A man, through the fantasy of his mind, and thinks of many new things, and gives them shape. When a man’s will power develops, he gets more concentrated towards his work, he also keeps himself stable in adversity and tries to stabilise and support people around him. The strong will of human beings, helps achieve prosperity and growth.

Difference between Mind and Brain – This mind makes us feel the emotions of happiness, sorrow, good and bad whereas the brain controls the body as a computer. The brain controls our senses and mind, it reacts to thinking, reasoning etc. When we use the brain with our mind, we tend to get more opportunities to attain success. The mind gives us unending and eternal thoughts but the brain tells us the distinction of right and wrong.

Peace of mind- Our mind also, like a celestial nodule in the ocean of ideas, is wandering constantly, that we cannot resist. Sometimes it seems to move in the wrong direction, due to which, we become turbulent and face a lot of difficulties in life. Because of the turmoil of the mind, we get disturbed and are faced with a lot of mental illnesses. The mind tries to overcome our brain, so there is a need to control the mind and guide it in the right direction. The more we are able to control the mind, the more we can concentrate and become stronger and increase our work capacity,

Remedies to calm the mind – There is an ocean of desires, in the man’s mind. If one is fulfilled, then the man runs after another, and this goes on endlessly, for the progress, but when a lot of desires breed together in the man’s mind, then he is not able to concentrate towards his goals and becomes depressed. With this, his mind becomes disturbed. There are some remedies, with which we can calm our minds to some extent –

1.       When the desires are too many and do not get completed, our mind becomes restless and disturbed, so we must keep the desires, as less as possible.

2.       Many a time people do not share their thoughts with others and remain confined and confused within themselves, so one should share the thoughts in mind, with someone very close and special. By doing so, the mind becomes calm, as the confusions are sorted out by discussing.

3.       In order to calm the mind, one should try to concentrate, by sitting in the state of meditation.

4.       4. Even when we are alone, there are a lot of things going on in our mind. There is also a saying that “Empty mind is the home of Devil”, so when the mind is in turmoil, then one should spend more and more time with your family and closed ones.

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