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Tobacco- A major threat to world

Approximately there 65 varieties of tobacco are found in the world, from which mostly Nicotine Tobacco is grown for commercial reasons, but according to a report, most of the tobacco coming from India and Afghanistan is of Nicotine Rustika variety. The diseases arising from the intake of tobacco like Diabetes, Cancer, Heart disease, difficulty in breathing, etc. are the leading cause of millions of deaths per year, globally. Seeing the growing demand for tobacco globally, and its harmful effects on the health, WHO has decided to observe 31st May as the NO TOBACCO Day. As per the report of WHO, approximately 6 lakh people die per year, due to the intake of tobacco. Whereas, approximately 60 lakh people die per year, due to an indirect intake of tobacco.

India’s position in relation to tobacco is very serious. Here the estimated number of tobacco users is 27 crore 59 lakh, with the number of tobacco users (non-smoking) being approximately 16 crore 37 lakh and the number of tobacco smokers (smoking) being only about 6 crores of 89 lakh and according to a report from Global Adult Tobacco Survey of India (GATS), the number of smoking and non-smoking users is about 42 crore 3 lakh.

About five thousand toxic substances are found in tobacco products, of which, the most significant and dangerous ingredient are Nicotine, Carbon monoxide and Tar. The use of Nicotine effects the most, on the behaviour of the person. Nicotine enters our brain, and within a few seconds, starts showing its harmful effects. If we say in simple language, the Nicotine spreads in mainly the entire body, skeletons and muscles.

How tobacco is taken:

  • Cigarette/ Beedi smoking
  • Beedi (tobacco rolled in dried leaves) is usually the most common type to be used in India.
  • Cigar
  • Hookah
  • Dried Tobacco to be chewed

 Risks liable for the beginning of Tobacco use:

There are many reasons for the intake of tobacco in the group of adolescents. The competition to get freedom and self-identity, physiological changes and the changes in the society. Tobacco intake in India is normal among men.

Psychology behind it:

Tobacco users generally have a risk taking behaviour and some people have confusion and think that intake of tobacco gives relief from tension and stress.

How one gets addicted to tobacco?

There are many types of chemicals in tobacco, amongst which, the most prominent is Nicotine. Nicotine affects our nervous system. By its intake, the person feels better and lighter and soon he gets addicted.

Harmful effects of Tobacco

Cancer, infertility, asthma, heart disease, respiratory problems etc. Smoking has more chances of leading to heart disease, but eating tobacco in any form is more likely to lead to Cancer.

This is how, you can get rid of intake of Tobacco

  • First of all, prepare yourself and gain confidence in yourself to quit smoking.
  • Do not leave Nicotine suddenly, plan a routine to stop its intake. Mark a date in the calendar. Then start reducing the intake gradually, from that day.
  • Write down the advantages of leaving Nicotine on a paper, and pin it on such a place, where you see very often. Get rid of all things made of Nicotine, away from your home, office and car.
  • Stay away from such persons and places, where there are more chances of consuming Nicotine.
  • In the beginning you may face a lot of problems, such as headache, discomfort, anxiety, vomiting and digestive discomfort, so be prepared for these.
  • Tell the people who are close to you, about your planning to quit smoking, and take their help and support.
  • If possible, take help from your doctor or counsellor.
  • During this period, eat turmeric and do not take any stress.
  • Stay active physically.
  • Exercise daily for 45 to 60 minutes. –Must do Yoga and Meditation. This will relax the mind.

Everybody, knows that tobacco is harmful and life threatening, still many people do not quit tobacco intake.

Some people smoke cigarettes, saying that make them feel fresh, but 11 minutes of life get reduced, by drinking just one cigarette.

One death per second, in the world is caused due to tobacco intake.

According to one report, about 10 lakh deaths happen, every year due to tobacco intake, and this figure is likely to reach 20 lakh by 2020.

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