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These are the characteristics of a supreme person

Characteristics of a Supreme Person 

It takes a little more than normal efforts, for a special person to easily walk the sphere of life. Sometimes, to be able to overcome the difficulties and sometimes, treating all the aspects of life, in a similar way, is not possible for everyone. While facing adverse conditions, the humans get distracted. Simultaneously, they are unable to find any suggestions and are unable to see any glimmer of hope, and they get lost from their path of life. There again, its opposite,  a Supreme person, moulds the journey of his life in such a way that he easily overcomes the hurdles and the threatening challenges, which block his path. For this, there are some important aspects which come in the way, on which the Supreme person walks. By following those aspects, a common person can also go to a better level of life.

Courage In order for a common person, to become Special, it is necessary to be courageous. The courage required, is not just to show off the bodily strength, BUT also the courage and strength of the inner soul, of self-emphasis. When a common man becomes courageous, he can be able to face every challenge, without any fear. Big challenges can be solved by using courage along with intelligence. The proper use of courage at the right place and at the right time can uplift you to the category of the Supreme person.

Patience it is very necessary to have the power of patience, to reach the Highest and Supreme level of life. If the person does not have the ability to tolerate, then he has to face very tough situations at every aspect of life. It is not advisable many a times to respond to every small thing. Yes, but in other aspects, it is not advisable to remain silent on every major issue. When you have control over your endurance power, then you are certainly counted in the category of the Supreme person.

Generosity Generosity is also the sign of a Supreme person. The generous nature of a man distinguishes him from other people in the society. The meaning of generous person can also be that such a Supreme person, who becomes unhappy seeing the compassion of other and can be happy, seeing the others happy. He understands the circumstances of the others and if anyone is in a difficult adverse situation, then he tries to help and get the other, out of that situation.

MagnificenceMagnificence does not mean, to show off or take pride in one up man ship, BUT it means, to take the life to a correct and higher level. The person who shows off his pride everywhere and pretends, does not fall under the category of a Supreme person. On the contrary, the person, who understands the feelings of others and does his daily chores with self respect, he certainly becomes a Supreme person.

Friendship Friendship is not for any benefit or malice. Rather, it is a way of maintaining mutual relations with everyone. In a true friend, having the feeling of compassion, sympathy and honesty, are very important. Without these, the thread of friendship cannot be bound into a garland. Any person cannot become a Supreme person, unless he becomes a true friend.

What is the practice of a Supreme person?

The valuable thoughts and feelings of the Supreme person can be his practice and penance. Because, any person moves forward in life, as per and according to his thoughts. So firstly, one needs to come out of the narrow mindedness thinking and increase the scope of thinking, to increase the horizons of thoughts making it broad minded. In order to have a good thought, it is equally necessary to have a calm mind, just like having dedication for the realization of a goal.

From the point of view of Social and individual aspect, when every person in the society tries to become a Supreme person or walks on that path, only then, a truly civilised society is formed.

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