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No less than 240 Dead as 7.3 magnitude earthquake Hits Iran-Iraq Border, more than 900 harmed

A powerful significance 7.3 earthquake hit the mountainous location along side the border among Iran and Iraq on Sunday, killing at least 141 people and injuring masses more. Kermanshah’s deputy governor Mojtaba Nikkerdar stated 129 humans were killed within the province alone within the Sunday night time quake, including that …

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Another Drama started over Delhi Pollution ‘Please Meet Me:’ Arvind Kejriwal Blames Punjab, Haryana Farm Fires for Delhi Pollution.

Arvind Kejriwal Blame Game As the dim brown haze hung low finished the city for a third day on Thursday and air quality declined by the hour, the main pastor guaranteed “every single vital advance.” NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has asked neighbors Punjab and Haryana to prevent …

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Trump China visit: US pioneer hits hotter tone with Xi Jinping

US President Donald Trump has pampered laud on Chinese pioneer Xi Jinping, a checked differentiation to his past feedback of China on the flashpoint issues of North Korea and exchange. However, he additionally asked Mr Xi to “work hard” on inducing North Korea to denuclearise. On China’s exchange excess, Mr …

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Sharp decrease in Delhi’s air quality: Medical body announces Public wellbeing crisis, says schools and collages must be closed

As Delhi and the National Capital Region saw a sharp decrease in air quality levels and recorded ‘exceptionally poor’ air quality, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) announced the city in a general wellbeing crisis state and encouraged schools to stop every outside movement to keep youngsters out of dangerous air …

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Delhi air contamination: Public wellbeing crisis announced; Diwali Crackers Ban doesn’t impact contamination.

New Delhi: Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Tuesday pronounced general wellbeing crisis in Delhi, because of high contamination level. The IMA has proposed shutting down of schools and encouraged individuals not to wander out. The specialists affiliation has likewise kept in touch with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requesting cancelation …

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