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Smart Gorilla matches its trainer every moves

Animals can be greatly faithful to their trainers and we are not just referring to dogs here. Take gorillas for example. They are known to be exceptionally trusting of their coaches and make a lovely bond with their human companions.

A adorable video of a gorilla has turned viral on Facebook where the primate accurately matches its trainers’s each move.

The video was posted by Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, an amusement park in Florida, US. The video shows how smart the gorilla is yet also features the believe it has in its trainer.

“Have a look this movement of enrichment moments with Bolingo and animal care, Rachel! This sort of training empowers us to build trusting and positive relationships with the animals that call Busch Gardens Tampa Bay home keeping in mind the end goal to give them the most mentally and physically environment possible,” read the captioned post.

The video has more than 75,000 views on Facebook. While one user commented, “I can’t express how impressed I am with this”, another stated, “I have to get back there! I miss spending time siting there and interacting with them!”

If only humans could trust one another as much as this Gorilla trust its coach. At mimicry, we are not that awful but rather at trust, we can truly work out a few things.

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