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Savvy Anti Airfield Weapon: DRDO effectively tests light weight skim bomb.

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has effectively tried indigenously grown light weight skim bomb Smart Anti Airfield Weapon (SAAW).

Aggregate of three tests with various discharge conditions and ranges were led at Chandipur in Odisha and were all fruitful. The bomb was let go from an aviation based armed forces air ship and was guided through accuracy route framework. It achieved the objectives at more noteworthy than 70 km extend, with high exactnesses.

Key Facts

The SAAW venture is India’s first completely indigenous against landing strip weapon venture endorsed by Government in September 2013. SAAW is a long-extend lightweight high exactness guided hostile to runway weapon. It is 120 kg savvy weapon equipped for connecting with ground focuses with high exactness up to a scope of 100 km. It can be utilized to pulverize fortifications, runways, airplane holders and other strengthened structures.

SAAW’s profound entrance abilities and high unstable warhead conveying limit will permit Indian Air Force (IAF) to effortlessly hit focuses crosswise over outskirt without putting pilot and flying machine in danger. It can be incorporated into the differed sorts of warrior planes with the IAF. It will be drafted soon into the Armed Forces.

Past tests

DRDO had directed weapon’s initially test from an IAF Jaguar airplane in Bengaluru in May 2016. The second test was directed from a Su-30MKI contender in December 2016.

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