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Meet ‘Desi Rihanna’ whose photos are storming internet

 ये हैं भारत की 'देसी रिहाना', सोशल मीडिया पर छाईं तस्वीरें

23-year-old Renee Kujur, living in Chhattisgarh, Bageecha, is a model by profession. She is of dark complexion.

Renee looks same as singer Rihanna. Her looks and features are precisely similar to pop star Rihanna.

Individuals are watching the photos of Renee and Rihanna on social media. Because of the resemblance of pop star Rihanna, Rene is getting good headlines on internet.

 ये हैं भारत की 'देसी रिहाना', सोशल मीडिया पर छाईं तस्वीरें

Renee faced many difficulties due to her complexion. But, looks like Rihanna has made Rene’s life a very easy.

Renee Kujur participated in the school fancy dress competition at 3 years old. She became a fairy in the competition, however when she stepped on the stage, many people began yelling, ‘Watch Kali Pari’. After which every one of the audience in the auditorium were laughing at Renée.

around 20 years have passed. Be that as it may, from that point forward, Rene frequently said her to motivate herself, ‘a few fairies are also dark.’

Amid a meeting, Rene stated, ‘Individuals used to say me that all models are a part of prostitution. I won’t be able to become a model until the point when I satisfy my clients. My color was a major hurdle in my career.’They told that the photographer, make-up artist, used to light 3-4 level of tone and edited by photoshop to show me light.

One of the make-up specialists stated, ‘Any girl can look beautiful after make-up.’ After making Renee’s make-up, that make up artist went among the people and stated, “The real test is to show the dark girl beautiful and I have done that.”

Renee stated, one of my friend said that I look like pop star Rihanna. I was exceptionally laughed on him, yet after some time every one of the people began to resemble me to Rihanna. Renee started to get work effortlessly by resembling like Rihanna. Now no one said her ugly again. Because Renny looks like Rihanna and Rihanna is considered as one of the beautiful people.

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