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Man tried to rape a 3 year old girl, saved by Bua

Rape was attempted again with a innocent girl in the capital, Delhi. In any case, because of the little girl’s aunt, the man got away from victim of an assault and the blamed was captured. Police said that the blamed has been arrested and a case has been registered against him under the POCSO Act.

Police said that a 35-year-old man tried to rape a 3-year-old girl by seducing him, yet at the season of delivery, the baby girl’s auntie come and saved the girl. The blamed was likewise arrested.

This incident has a place with Ali Vihar in Sarita Vihar territory of ​​South East Delhi. The police has identified the accused as Gonori Prasad, 35, who works as security guard in Jasola Vihar region.

The police has admitted the girl to AIIMS, where the child will be given medical care. After therapeutic, police can add more streams to the case. Police said that the girl was playing under her home. In the meantime, the accused tricked the girl and took her to the lonely room over the rooftop.

Be that as it may, a shopkeeper before the child was taken to see. At the point when the shopkeeper advised this to the daughter of the lady of the hour, the child’s bua went straight to the roof and looked noiseless when she opened the room. The kid’s mom said that the charged was trying to remove the clothes and attempt to foul up things with her.

On the off chance that the bua heard a noise, at that point the people gathered around them and in the circumstance where the individual’s handcuffs were seen, the anger of the people got angry and the people fired the accused fiercely.

After this the police was informed by the telephone and the accused was given over to the police.

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