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International day of innocent child victims of aggression

Children who are considered like God. In today’s society, their condition is becoming even worse. Child labour have become common and also the news of child sexual abuse. In view of all these problems, in 1982, the United States of America had announced to observe an international day of aggression among innocent children on June 4 to save the children’s independence and dignity as well as to create a safe and caring environment.

The objective of this day is to convince many children around the world that whether they live under war or peace conditions, they are not victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse. It tells individuals and organisations around the world to be aware of the scale and effect of this abuse on children and to participate in the campaign to protect the rights of children.

Those children who are facing injustice and poverty, need to be protected and empowered by the adults, who create these conditions not only through their direct actions, but also indirectly through global climate like climate change and urbanisation does.

Violence and abuse against children is a big event throughout the world. Research conducted by the United Nations found that 98% of the children worldwide have not been protected from physical punishment, and in 2002, 150 million girls and 73 million boys under the age of 18 experienced sexual abuse. There are also problems of violence against children in schools in many countries; For example, there is no law prohibiting physical punishment at many places, which is considered by many teachers, parents and community members as a common way of discipline, but some people take advantage of it.

Talking about the exploitation of children in India, according the National Crime Records Bureau 42,520 or about 45.50 percent of 91,172 cases registered against children in 2015 was linked to child abuse. Data collected by the Child Rights Organisation revealed that about 94 per cent of the cases of child rape were such, in which criminals were the only known persons of the children. In which 35 percent of the crime was their neighbours and 10 percent were their family members and relatives.

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