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Indian girl kills self when got banned to join classmates whatsapp group

Elena Mondal, a 14-year-old Indian girl in the UK, was found hanging in the grounds of a reputed UK grammar school after she was banned from joining a WhatsApp group by her classmates.

Mondal was discovered unresponsive by her teachers in a wooded area near to the renowned Henrietta Barnett School in north London. The episode happened a year ago. A ongoing judicial inquiry, in the mean time, has been adjourned until the point when a expert psychiatrist can fully assist the idea of direction gave to the girl before her death.

Her parents, Shyamal and Moushumi Mondal, expressed fears that their daughter was being bullied at the girl’s  school for Elena had once fled from class in an fit of tears and with a couple of scissors in her hands.

She had collapsed in the school’s corridor following which she cut her arms in the washroom.

The school’s wellbeing manager, Kelly Barry said that Elena was referred to the school counsellor after she over and over missed lunches and complaint of depression. In any case, she missed most of her appointments.

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