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How a women sacrifice her whole life just to please other people

The story of a woman

Woman, one of the many creations of the God, whom God made just like the other being. But she was dye-cast in such a way, in the frame of society, that she is still seen to be struggling to get her respect. We can also say, that whatever she should get or whatever equal rights she has, to obtain those also, she had to ask or bend over, in front of other people in the society. If we go to view a woman’s social face, she has several roles to play. The characters, which she has played in every aspect. Sometimes, she is plays the roll of a baby girl and sometimes plays a girl’s character sometimes, of a mother and sometimes of a daughter in law. Apart from these, she also has to work in some office, to earn a living. In assuming all such characters, a woman always seems to be a slave, where, time and again she has to follow other people’s instructions. In any stage of life, she is not given the right to make her own independent decision.

The character of woman in society- If we define the various characters played by a woman, we will notice that right from the birth till the death, a woman plays some very important roles, and passes through many ups and downs, joys and sorrows with other sympathetic feelings.

 1-The baby girl in womb –  Perhaps, the first journey of a woman starts from here. In today’s times, people who have been filled with some mental deficiencies and bias, decide on whether to let this baby girl in the womb, take birth in this community in the world or not. If we talk in simple terms, even before the birth, people get the sex determination test done, and if it is a girl child, who has not even come into the world, they try to kill her in the womb. This is an example, we can analyse the skewed sex ratio of women and men in India.

2-Woman in the form of a baby girl- This is the woman’s second role. Where the attempts are made, to mould her according to the society. She is categorically told, that she is a girl.. She should not jump and play like this. She should take care of the clothes she wears. That is, we can also say that this is that stage, in which a girl is stimulated into inhibiting the qualities to become a woman, and gradually, she is completely encased in the mould.

3-Woman in the form of daughter – This stage of a woman’s life is filled with strict and sore experiences, in which she has to go through some very disturbing and hurt causing experiences. In this, she is also taught the text of being an untouchable and that being shy, is the ornament of the woman, she is bound into such rules of the society. This is the stage, in which a woman is taught that cooking is her inborn duty. Along with all these, she has to go through a lot of strictly prohibited rules.

4- Women in the form of wife – Reaching this stage, the woman is now believed to take on to take some new responsibilities, on her shoulders. Here the woman is given a new house and a new name. She has to leave her old house (parents’ house) and go to a new house (in laws’ house). Along with her own, taking care of every big and small needs of her husband, also becomes his first priority.

5-Woman in the form of mother –  When a woman steps into the shoes of a mother’s role, then her life is no longer just her own. She now starts looking for all her big and small happiness, in her children. Keeping the baby in her womb, for nine months, and then giving birth to the child after the laborious suffering of childbirth, is really the epitome of courage.

Further changes are to be brought in the Thinking process –

When the thought process of the society changes, then only the change happens in the society. According to Hindi’s famous writer Maitri Pushp, since the very beginning, a women has been the biggest enemy of the woman. This, being said by her, means a big thing in itself. Because, in the atrocities being done on the women, it is seen, that mostly women are involved. Now, the time has come, for the woman, to get equal rights for her and she be given the respect, due to her.

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