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Home decoration tips according to Vastu Shastra, which will help you in life

Everyone has a dream of owning a house. Who does not wish to have happiness, peace, prosperity and satisfaction at home? Right from the foundation of the House to building it and up to its decoration, the importance of the directions plays a vital role.

If you have to increase your serenity and fame, then place a photo of yours, framed in a Red Frame, on the wall in the Southern direction. Make a room in the Southern direction for your middle daughter. The light and beauty of the Eyes, is related directly with the Southern direction. Your energy level is directly correlated with the Southern direction. If you want everything to be perfect, then you need to keep the South direction perfect. Water or water related posters should not be put in the Southern direction.

On the occasion of starting any new business venture, keep dried and unbroken Coriander in a bowl of silver. Place the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh in that silver bowl facing towards the Eastern side. These should be worshipped every day.

North East direction : The North East direction of the house should always be kept empty. If possible, keep a vessel filled with water in that direction.

In the house, which has a Bamboo Flute, there always, is mutual love and there also remains prosperity and happiness.

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