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For The Love Of The Nation, Shivansh Joshi Ditched IIT and Decided To Join The Army

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) isn’t only a brand name for anybody competing to be an architect; it should resemble a sanctuary of learning. A venturing stone for which lakhs of understudies surrender rest and sustenance and consume the midnight light, just to secure a seat in a standout …

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5 propensities that prompt more bliss

More joyful individuals are more gainful. Way more gainful. As indicated by therapist (and bliss analyst) Shawn Achor, when your cerebrum is glad, it “performs fundamentally superior to anything it does at negative, impartial, or focused. Your knowledge rises, your innovativeness rises, [and] your vitality levels rise”. Achor has profoundly …

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How ! Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Amazon Learn from there Failures

Why, out of the blue, are such huge numbers of effective business pioneers encouraging their organizations and associates to commit more errors and grasp more disappointments? In May, directly after he moved toward becoming CEO of Coca-Cola Co., James Quincey called upon general population chiefs to get past the dread …

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