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A women thinks she is a dragon, spent lakhs to look like them… – See pics

Eva has an energetic Instagram profile and has more than 6,000 followers; driving us to wonder what the reason was. After looking here and there Eva’s profile, we found that Eva to be sure is a novel person and invests the most of her energy and money in characterizing her uniqueness.

Addressing The Wizard of Odd TV, Eva specified that so far she has spent over £40,000, generally INR 36,61,680 on her transformation, all in the pursuit to resemble a dragon.

Eva was the VP of a reputed bank, however she quit her business to pursue her enthusiasm. She started her change by getting scales, having her nose reshaped, eyes tattooed and getting her ears removed.

In any case, this isn’t simply the most odd thing Eva uncovered about herself. Eva claims that she was deserted by her parents at 5 years old and afterward lived with a rattlesnake who helped her.

This is the point at which she wanted to transform into a reptile.

“For me, my change is the best trip of my life, there are significant reasons and deep meanings about my change and why I’m doing it,” she revealed to The Wizard of Odd TV.

“I have two moms: one is my real birth mother and my second birth is to my reptilian parents, which are the rattlesnakes,” she included.

She now has 8 horns on her forehead, a bifurcated tongue and a few tattoos all over.

Eva describes herself as a ‘trans-species’ and claims that she is the “most adjusted transgender people on the planet.”

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