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A village where all residents have only one ‘kidney’

There is a town in Nepal where every one of the people have sold their kidneys to ‘human organ smugglers’. The name of this town is hokse and it is likewise called Kidney Valley. A most people sold kidneys for the sake of purchasing a house. In any case, many people of these village were likewise devastated in the earthquake in Nepal.

It is said that smugglers of human organs came here from Kathmandu and arranged to sell the kidneys to the people. Many people told that the smugglers revealed to them that their kidneys would again be in their body.

In the media additionally there were reports about this town in 2015. At that point it was reported for in the report that several individuals were brought to India where their kidneys were taken out. Consequently, he was given a million rupees.

China has recently said that it is finding a way to counteract smuggling of human organs. Over the most recent 200 years, 200 arrests were made and 100 victims were saved by China.

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