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900-years long drought finished Indus valley civilisation

The Indus Valley civilisation was wiped out 4,350 years ago by a 900-year-long drought, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur (IIT-Kgp) have found. Evidence gathered amid their study likewise put to rest the generally acknowledged theory that the said drought lasted for to 200 years.

The investigation will be published in the prestigious Quaternary International Journal by Elsevier this month.

Scientists from the geology and geophysics department have been contemplating the monsoon’s changeability for as far back as 5,000 years and have discovered that the rains played truant in the northwest Himalayas for 900 long years, going away the source of water that nourished the rivers along which the civilisation thrived. This in the end drove the generally solid inhabitants towards the east and south, where rain conditions were better.

The IIT-Kgp group mapped a 5,000-year monsoon variability in the Tso Moriri Lake in Leh-Ladakh — which too was fed by the same glacial source — and identified periods that had continuous spells of good storm and additionally stages when it was weak or nil.

“The study uncovered that from 2,350 BC (4,350 years prior) till 1,450 BC, the storm had a major weakening effect over the zone where the civilisation prospered. A dry season like circumstance created, compelling inhabitants to abandon their settlements looking for greener fields,” said Anil Kumar Gupta, the lead analyst and a senior personnel of geography at the foundation.

These people individuals gradually migrated towards the Ganga-Yamuna valley towards eastern and central UP; Bihar and Bengal in the east; MP, south of Vindhyachal and south Gujarat in the south, Gupta included.

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